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Top 5 World leaders and their smartphones


One of the worst things that could happen to any country is the unsolicited access to their leader’s personal device for any random hacker group. For years now, the choice of personal device for every world leader has been the Blackberry. However, the Canadian handset maker has been biting the dust every since Android and then Apple came up. Today, the market is dominated by iPhones and it happens to be the device of choice for many of our leaders. Let’s take a look at which leader rely on which smartphone.

POTUS Barack Obama


It goes without saying that the President of United States is the most powerful individual in the world. The security surrounding the President is one of the tightest in the world and he is expected to use a special issued smartphone for all communication purpose. However, back when President Obama was elected into White House, he fought tooth and nail with his security team to let him keep his Blackberry and won. Since then, the Blackberry has been the faithful companion of the POTUS. Recently, Obama has been a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s show and has been heard complaining that he sees his daughters and wife fiddling with their smartphones and feels jealous. But the man himself is devoted to his Blackberry so much so that when he posted his first tweet, he borrowed a staff member’s iPhone to do so.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin


When it comes to World Leaders, it goes without saying that Vladimir Putin is one of his kind and most badass. You know a country is serious about their national security and matters related to it when they have a former KGB foreign intelligence officer at the helm of all their affairs. This is also testament to the fact that the man himself takes personal security very seriously which is also the reason why Putin uses a Russian made MTS brand handset for all his communication purpose. The handset has been specially designed for the President and boasts of airtight security.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau


There has never been a world leader who climbed the stairs of popularity as fast as the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The good looking politician has been hogging the limelight ever since he erupted on the Canadian political scene. Known to be a wrestler in the past, he is also known for his youth and environmental advocacy as well as his teaching background. Mr. Trudeau has also been a boxer and bouncer in the past making us wonder if there is anything that this man can not do. He has been quite active on Social Media and his tool of choice happens to be the latest Blackberry Priv, which is as cool a device as the man himself. He was recently in news as Prince George turned down his Hi5.

Indian PM Narendra Modi


Today we know Narendra Damodar Das Modi as the man who changed the entire political scene in India and put the country on the world Political map with his globetrotting ways. This man is known for its outspoken manners and action-before-words methods, which has earned him a goodwill from every corner of the world. Recently, after the URI attack by Pakistan, he initiated a series of surgical attacks on Pakistani terrorist launchpads across the LoC, which gained him massive respect from one and all. The Indian Prime Minister also initiated the digital India campaign and is one of the front runners when it comes to Social Media campaigning. He has been captured using an Apple iPhone 6 at multiple occasions and rumour has it, the phone has been gifted to the magnanimous personality by first lady of US, Michelle Obama.

Royal Family of Britain


There is no other congregation of world leaders like Royal Family of Britain, who have always been in news be it Princess Diana or recently Prince Eric snubbing Justin Trudeau. They are the last royalty on the planet Earth and by the virtue of same are constantly in the limelight. Members of the family have been captured using latest Apple iPhones on numerous occasions including Prince William and Prince Harry. Going by the rumour mill, Queen Elizabeth herself cannot spend a moment without her Apple iPad.

Thereby, it goes without saying that when it comes to handset of choice for most influential people, it is always either a Blackberry or an Apple iPhone. If this post has inspired you to get rid of your Android brick and get an iPhone for yourself, now is the time to get cash for the same on Cashify.in and purchase the latest iPhone 7 or 7Plus.


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