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Top Android security apps to help save your phone from theft

Anti theft app

Phone security is a concept that deserves a lot more attention, with phone theft all around us now. Which is why we’re here to dish out apps you should definitely check out to secure your phone.



GotYa is available on the Google Play Store, and can be a real phone-saver. The basic highlight of this app is that it takes a photo using your front-facing camera, sends it to you along with the GPS and also nearby WiFi networks. This way you know who and where your phone has ended up if its stolen.

Cerberus Anti-Theft

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Cerberus is a great app packed with amazing features. It has the ability to pull data off of the phone to see who’s using it for what, it can also assign trusted SIM cards, finding out where it is and even custom alarm messages.

Avast Anti-Theft

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AVAST has given us something great here, and while it does mostly what others do there are a few exceptions. For one, their website is easy to understand and easy to use, and you can also lock your device with a custom text message in case its stolen.


We’ve covered the Cashify’s anti-theft feature in the past, and it does exactly what it sounds like. Once given access to your device, it can:

  • Track your device’s location
  • Sound an alarm remotely
  • Wipe data from your dvice
  • Or lock it down and deny access to anyone using the device

Android Device Manager

device manager

Google’s has its own anti-theft system, however, it’s pretty basic. Reliability is the aim of the game here, and you could say that it’s not very accurate. When signed in, you can search Google for “Where’s my phone?” and get answers back.

Keep forgetting your phone in the cafetaria or the mall ? Install the Cashify app, use Anti-Theft & stay calm.