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Top selfie sticks for your smartphones

Top selfie sticks for your smartphones

Selfies haven’t slipped out of public consciousness yet. Which is why selfie sticks continue to sell. If you’re planning on getting one, be sure to get one of these:

Voltaa #SELFY 2.1 Aluminium Selfie Stick

 Best Selfie Sticks For android and apple Smartphones In India (2016)

The Volta #SELFY 2.1 costs about Rs 1000, and is one of the best options for you in India. It is aluminium made, is very light weight, and easy to carry. It is compatible with many devices – the iPhone, Android phones and DSLR cameras. The stick is of high quality build and design, and can be extended in length upto max 92 cm. There is also an adjustable phone holder and all kinds of phones can be fitted easily with the width between 50-85mm.

Stuffcool Shutter Bluetooth Selfie Stick


The Stuffcool Shutter selfie stick can enhance your selfie experience by good measure with its Bluetooth support. It is an adjustable selfie stick – expandable upto 90 cm. There is also a secure mechanism to take selfies with the prefect position. It is priced at Rs 1641.

ENRG Selfie Stick


The ENRG Selfie Stick is an inexpensive stick priced at Rs 749 and is made by strong steady material. This stick can take upto a load of 2.5 Kgs and can be used with a smartphone or a DSLR camera. In short, it is compatible with many kinds of smartphones including the iPhone.

Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick


Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick is also compatible with all type of iPhones and Android smartphones, and is between 2.2 and 3.3 inches wide. A Bluetooth feature can be very easily used on the Anker Bluetooth Selfie Stick. It sells for Rs 1685.

Yunteng Selfie Stick


The Shopizone Yunteng Selfie Stick is made of three different materials to give you a great selfie experience. The Yunteng Selfie Stick can carry all smartphones – from small to big. upto 85mm in width. The stick is also full adjustable and you can be rotated easily.

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