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TV Buying Guide: Get the right Television this festive season


That time of the year again when main festivals are right around the corner and majority of Indian populace are gearing up to shop like there is no tomorrow. Festivals like Dussehra and Diwali are deemed to be the occasions to splurge on electronics and lifestyle appliances. It has been revealed by a number of sources that Televisions form a large chunk festive shopping in India. However, a large numbers of buyers either end up getting a TV set that is too small for their room or something extravagant that is not used to its full potential and is regretted. This has prompted us to put together this article, which will help buyers in festive mood to get the right set for their needs and enjoy it to the max.

Size of the room

TV size one should have according to the room they own.
TV size one should have according to the room they own.

A very trivial and often ignored factor is the size of the room in which the television is going to be placed or mounted. The viewing distance from the television is the most important factor to be considered as it ensures that the viewer gets to experience the best of TV watching without harming their eyesight. As a golden rule, anything below 32 inch is not suitable unless you are in a tiny room under the staircase, like Harry Potter. A distance of 4 feet is recommended for televisions in the range of 32 inch, 7 feet for those in the range of 40-48 inch and 9 feet for 50-65 inch and above. Having set that aside, let’s get into the nitty gritty of the technology that goes into the television.



Next up, you should know what kind of television panel you are going to pick up and why. As of now, there are two most popular kinds viz. LED and LCD. Out of these options, LCD is the cheapest and most popular but it might not serve everyone’s purpose. LCD televisions are good option for those who are going to connect it to a set top box and watch regular TV shows. However, if you are into HD movie watching and console gaming, it would benefit you to take a look at LCD. LEDs are basically the same as LCD with LED lights used as backlight, which offers local dimming. This helps with better viewing angles as well as picture quality, so you can be in a room packed with people, yet get the lossless picture from any angle. Depending upon your requirements, go for either one of these.

HD Ready or Full HD

HD ready TV set
HD ready TV set

Most televisions in the market today are HD ready, which basically means that they can support 720 x 1280 pixels. Even then they are not true HD display, which means while they can play HD content but are not doing full justice to the resolution. If you are on a tight budget and do not care much about the picture quality, you can get a nice and big HD-ready TV set in a limited budget. However, if you are someone who has subscribed to HD channels on your cable and watch a lot of DVDs, it would be wise to invest in a set that actually has the Full HD resolution.

Type of TV (Smart TV, Curved TV, 3D)

Type of TV (Smart TV, Curved TV, 3D)
Type of TV (Smart TV, Curved TV, 3D)

With the evolution in technology, televisions have evolved too and today we have a ridiculous number of TVs with cutting-edge features. Decide what works the best for you! If you are someone who watches a lot of YouTube and stream Netflix, a Smart TV is a must have, as they can directly connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet thus saving the user from any additional hassles. Curved TVs on the other hand, are designed to give viewers a more realistic and dramatic viewing experience, which can be done without as it is not a must have. However, a 3D TV can be something that a multimedia enthusiast might want as these days 3D content is available on Blu-Ray and online. The common denominator in all of the above is that they are ridiculously expensive and only if you MUST have one or the other that you should get them. Getting a high-end television in festive spirit and not making full use of it will only dampen your spirit during the rest of the year.



Are you only going to connect the television to a set top box or are you going to use a Chromecast or play media from a Pen-drive? Decide all these before actually going out to pick out a set as it will save you a lot of hassles afterwards. Just to be on safer side, ensure that the television you are picking out has a USB port, HDMI and Wi-Fi. This should take care of all your connectivity needs. Also, go through the supported media files that can be played through external media drives.

These are the basic things to keep in mind when you go to pick up the widescreen television you have always wanted. Follow this and you will not have to change it within the span of a year.



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