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Two Versions Of PS5 To Be Launched!


Gaming industry has seen a revolution ever since it has been generating unbiased attraction with die-hard game lovers. On similar lines, PS5 has been very successful in catering to the craze of such gaming enthusiasts. In order to further popularize its different themes, PS5 is expected to come in two versions and VR portability.





Two Versions Of PS5


As anticipated as it gets, one version of PlayStation 5 will be quite basic in terms of capabilities and features. Named as the Core Experience, the first version of PS5 will comprise of a 50 TB and upwards hard drive. The core experience will give optical drive a miss but will be launched with a new controller along with necessary equipment to make it compatible with games to play on a 4K resolution. (Sell Old Gaming Consoles)


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The second version is called the Pro Experience and it will offer hardcore gaming experience for die-hard fans but at a slightly higher price. Pro experience will include an optical drive apart from which it will be incorporated with backward compatibility. Other than a huge hard drive capacity, the Pro Experience will also be able to play 4K blu-rays that will further enhance the gaming experience.


VR Portability


Gamers can use a virtual reality headset like that of the upcoming PlayStation VR in order to make it portable. Gamers will be given the privilege of making a choice between the options that will be available for both the versions of PS5 whether to make their version portable through the virtual reality headset. (Stay Upgraded To Stay Updated)




This new mechanism is all set to give the gamers a new experience further in which dull moments or boredoms are absent for sure. The little but most obvious daily necessities of daily life, such as checking emails, browsing web and playing games will be a thing of reality soon with VR technology.


Final Thoughts


Successive versions of games are synonymous with advanced technological inventions and the same fact has been held true for the PS5 as well. It is also believed that these two versions of PlayStation 5 will further give an extra edge to ones’ gaming experience when combined with virtual reality as both the versions of PS5 will be launched at different prices with different features to reach out to more gamers across the world.


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