Ultrabooks are the latest biggest thing in laptops. Why? Because they’re slim, light and wake from sleep almost instantly. Basically an ultrabook is a specification and brand initially developed by Intel for high end notebooks designed to reduce the bulk without compromising performance and battery life. In order to do this they use low power Intel Core processors, solid –state drives and unibody chassis to meet these criteria. With all these features an ultrabook is a great option for everyone from students to road warriors.

Every PC maker in the market are working towards debuting a MacBook  Air alternative these days. There’s a long list of models to choose from at different prices. So here’s a list of our suggestions in this category:

  1. Acer Aspire S7 (2013) : 3-pound in weight Acer Aspire S7 features a powerful fourth-generation Intel Haswell processor, a fast 128GB SSD and a gorgeous 1080p touch screen display. The S7 still features a beautiful glass and white aluminum chassis that’s just .51 inches thin, but it now offers nearly 9 hours of battery life.
  2. Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Touch: This ultrabook makes our top Ultrabook list for its fast performance and reasonable price. It has a graceful design and comes outfitted with a third-gen Core i5 CPU. The addition of a comfortable keyboard, accurate touchscreen and a loud, crisp audio makes the U310 Touch a winner.
  3. Dell XPS12 (2013) : Dell’s Windows 8 convertible now offers excellent endurance, lasting nearly 9.5 hours on our battery test. The flip display design is as compelling as ever. Weighing 3.2 pounds, the XPS 12 isn’t the lightest hybrid around, but the full HD touch display and strong performance are sufficient to fell in love with.
  4. Toshiba Portege Z935-P30 : Weighing in at just 2.4 pounds, and measuring at 12.4 x 8.9 x 0.3 – 0.6 inches, the Toshiba Portege Z935 is the lightest 13-inch Ultrabook you can get. The combination of a third-generation Intel Core processor and fast SSD makes the Z935 a light-weight powerhouse.
  5. ASUS Zenbook UX51Vz (2013) : The 15-inch ASUS Zenbook UX51Vz  with its lovely aluminum chassis is quite a showstopper and captivating 2880 x 1620 Retina-like display. With a powerful Core i7 GPU, discrete Nvidia graphics and blazing fast dual 256GB SSDs..
  6. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch : Our favorite business Ultrabook retains the fetching carbon fiber design, comfortable keyboard and accurate pointer stick of the previous model and adds a 1600 x 900 touchscreen. Throw in the snappy performance of a Core i5 CPU and 128 SSD and you’ve got a notebook that’s ready to plow through your workload.
  7. Sony VAIO Pro 13 : Weighing in at a feather light 2.4 pounds, the VAIO Pro 13 is currently the world’s lightest 13-inch notebook with a touchscreen. On top of the svelte dimensions, the notebook comes with a 1080p display, blazing fast SSD and over 7 hours of battery life. Adding the optional sheet battery boosts the endurance to 14.5 hours.
  8. Samsung ATIV Book 9 : Weighing 2.6 pounds and measuring just .5 inches thick, the aluminum clad ATIV Book 9 is quite the looker. It’s also quite the powerhouse, thanks to a third-gen Core i7 processor with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. Samsung also included its SideSync software for better integration with Samsung Android phones such as the Galaxy S4.
  9. Lenovo Yoga 11S : We’re big fans of Lenovo’s Yoga Series, with its trademark 360-degree hinge and four modes (Tablet, Laptop, Stand and Tent). The 11-inch version of this contortionist laptop features a vibrant 768p touch display, comfortable keyboard and a third-gen Core i5 processor. It’s a solid choice for consumers looking for more versatility than a traditional laptop.
  10. Sony VAIO Pro 11: Feast your eyes on the lightest notebook with touch. Weighing in at an astounding 1.9 pounds, the Sony VAIO Pro 11 manages to cram a fourth-gen Core i7 processor, integrated graphics and a 128GB SSD into an 11-inch chassis. The Ultrabook also offers a vivid 1080p display and offer over 14 hours of battery life with the optional battery sheet for a super-portable laptop ready for work and play.

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