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Unclutter and Speed up your Smart Phone


Worried that your slow phone is going even slower. It high time you delete some of the unused app to free up your phone’s memory space and make it fast. Unused apps can take up space and fill up your phone’s memory with unnecessary clutter. Removing even one or two apps can improve your productivity, speed up your phone and make the important programs easier to find, hence making it a smooth smartphone experience.

Removing an app from a smartphone is very simple and will only take a few seconds? Here are some quick steps for Android, Apple and Windows Smartphones:


Android: Simply go to the same place you installed it (search for the app name) and under the “Open” button in Google Play will be an uninstall option, just tap that. It’s necessary to go to the Applications section of the Settings menu. Here, all user apps are displayed. Once an app is selected, a menu will appear. The delete function is in that menu, and removal is as simple as a single touch.

iOS : In Apple iPhones find an app you want to delete, press and hold the icon for that app. The icon will soon appear with a small “x” on it. Tapping that “x” will remove the app from the phone.

Windows: First, locate the app you want to remove, in the Apps list. Tap and hold the app until a contextual menu is shown, with several options. Tap uninstall. That’s it, App deleted.




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