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Useful yet stylish mobile accessories, Must have gadgets


With the emerging smartphone market, the need for the accessories which can be used for a period has just quadrupled. We all use multiple accessories along with our smartphone and we do it because they make our lives easy and we keep up with the trend too in the race. Team Cashify has come up with a list of must have’s, or rather say innovative accessories for every smartphone lover.

Portable Charger

  1. Portable Charger

Any smartphone user’s best friend is a Portable Charger. With a normal Li-Po or Li-Ion battery amounting to average 3000mAh, becomes impossible to run the smartphone all day long. Activities like heavy gaming and application drains the battery at a higher pace and to your rescue will be the portable device which keeps your device alive. Portable chargers are available in online retail stores and there are many stylish options to choose from. A good recommendation would be getting something higher around 10,000mAh with 1000 charge cycles.

Smart Charging Cables

Light up charging cable


We care for the environment and it’s our duty to do so, Isn’t it? Sustainable development is the key and we all should try to save energy and aim for an efficient world. Considering that we have got an accessory for your smartphone which you need every day but with a smart upgrade. It is known as ‘Dexim Visible Green illuminated charging cables’. These cables lit up when you connect your phone to your smartphone and the socket and as the energy flows, it uses electroluminescent (EL) technology to display the current flow from the power socket to your device.

The speed of the lights varies depending on your charging needs, the lower the battery the faster the visible current moves and vice versa. Once the charging is done the light dims since charge flow stops. This helps you notify to unplug your charger from the socket. Helps you stop overcharging your device and even save a bit of Electricity. These are easily available in Amazon stores.

Smart Cases for your smartphone

Smart-case for instant charging


Most of the smartphone users around the globe uses a fancy and protective cases for their smartphones. Spigen cases are very famous for the protective features they provide. The next generation cases say smart case is the next big thing coming. The new i-Blades smart case gives you the option of additional battery cells (2-10x) depending on the device you’re currently using along with the extra storage up to 1TB so that you can store digital content and view them seamlessly. This will look like a normal case on which you can attach the smart blade, reminds of Motorola Modular phones, isn’t it?

They are available in different variants starting from leather to plastic, keeping you up with the trend as well. You can read more about them here:


Smart Wearable devices



We live in an age of smart devices. With smartphones coming into play, smart wearable devices are in that top sphere now. One prefers to get a smart watch these days instead of a normal quartz watch. You can multitask with a smartwatch like replying to texts, WhatsApp, set alarms and check for the health-related functionalities like heart-rate, steps count and more. A smart band does almost all of it and still are useful in every sphere and could be paired with your smartphone with low energy Bluetooth.

USB OTG Pen-drive


OTG pen drives


Suppose you own a device with the good specification but have memory restrictions till 16GB or 32GB, what will you do? Well, you just can’t change the storage inside your device but what can you do is to get a USB OTG pen-drive. Most of the devices these days have an OTG support or else you can always get access to that feature by having elevated access to the device, in simple terms rooting it. OTG pen-drives are handy and comes at an affordable rate. One can store their important documents in it and insert it into the smartphone to access it anytime. Instead of upgrading the device, getting a USB OTG pen drive is very convenient and a smarter option. These pen drives can be found easily and cost around INR 400-500 for 16GB variant and so on.

Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual reality headsets


One of the best concepts of this era is the VR. This has been into a game for over a year now. You must have heard about Google cardboard or Samsung VR headsets. What they basically do is present you a virtual image of the real image and gives a 3D feel and you’ll be able to experience it by yourself. The concept is very simple, the VR uses few convex and concave glasses to enlarge the image and show it in a wide field of depth giving it a realistic appearance. Next generation video games and videos are going to be VR enabled and one needs to surely have a VR headset. These are easily available for INR 500-1000 in the market as well online stores.

There are many more day-to-day useful accessories, one such is earphones which we hope everyone uses but the new twist in the same will be updated in our next blog. Hope you have liked the list of accessories and for more stay connected to Cashify’s blog.


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