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New PC Giant Rises: VAIO, Toshiba & Fujitsu Join Forces!


In an era where technology is evolving at a bullet speed, it is not a surprise to hear that a new PC giant is on the rise. As much as we know that new technology will change the face of the world, the decision of joining forces by VAIO, Toshiba and Fujitsu did surprise many of us!




Evidently, a new Japanese giant of PC world could emerge in the near future. External sources reveal that Sony’s PC brand VAIO is gearing up to make a deal wherein it will merge itself with well-established Toshiba and the PC business of Fujitsu.


As a result of this merger, it is expected that this decision by VAIO, Toshiba and Fujitsu will also give birth to a remarkable rival to the biggest PC maker of Japan, i.e., Lenovo NEC. There are no signs of any reports related to the future products, names or strategy.




On the contrary, the chief executive officer of Japan Industrial Partners, the firm which owns VAIO, Hidemi Moue has stated that this decision is expected to be officially announced by the end of March 2016. Later on, Toshiba also confirmed that though they have downsized about 7800 employees in December 2015 due to a struggling division of electronics, they have no plans to retire from the business of manufacturing PCs.


During the same time, Toshiba also stated that it would take into consideration forming strategic alliances with third parties. This statement of keeping an option open for itself reflected quite strongly on the fact that Toshiba also was on the look out to partner with various Japanese PC makers.




It was also witnessed that Microsoft helped Dell to become a private entity by sanctioning a loan of $2 billion in the year 2013. Apart from this, Microsoft also partnered with HP, Intel, Lenovo and Dell for a huge marketing drive in PC world.


In case any further deal happens between VAIO, Fujitsu & Toshiba, it would confirm the consolidation cent percent which is about to occur in the PC industry. As the current top three players in the PC industry, HP, Dell, and Lenovo are intensifying their grasp on the PC industry, any alliance between new entrants or smaller players could change the current scenario of PC world and raise the bar of competition!



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