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Vivo X21 Launched In India


Some time ago, it was hard to imagine technology that would embed the most reliable authentication system, a fingerprint reader, under the phone’s display. Vivo, in collaboration with Synaptics actually managed to do that exact same thing, and it is safe to assume that our minds are all but blown by this new piece of tech.

After that, Vivo unveiled another device which had an even bigger area, namely a third of the screen in which the phone could detect the fingerprint of the user. This marvellous device was called the Vivo APEX phone. Though it started out as concept phone, it soon became something more. The phone will now be sold under the proper model name which is NEX.

Two Variants

For us Indians, where Vivo doesn’t launch many of its top-notch products, it seems some respite has finally arrived. The Vivo X21 UD with an under the display fingerprint reader is finally headed here and it looks to give the OnePlus 6 some serious competition. First, let’s have a look at some of the specs the Vivo X21 has to offer.

The Vivo X21 will have two variants. One will have a physical fingerprint sensor present on the rear side and the second one will be the phone that everyone wants and it will feature an inside the display fingerprint reader. Though initial tests have proven that this type of fingerprint technology is not very reliable, real-world tests will show us more.

Spec Sheet

The phone is powered by the relatively high powered mo Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 and there will be one variant only which will have 6 GB of RAM along with 128 GB of internal storage. Additionally, inside the phone, there will also be 3,200 mAh battery supported with fast charging.

In terms of optics, the phone will support a dual-camera setup on the rear side with a 12 MP and 5 MP sensor and the front camera will come with 12 MP sensor.

In addition to the in-display fingerprint reader ClearID, the smartphone can also be unlocked using the facial recognition feature called as Face Wake 2.0. There are other modes in the phone aswell as AI Face Beauty, HDR Mode, shot re-focus mode and it supports 4K UHD video recording.

Now the real deal-breaker for the phone can be the price tag at which it is selling. Vivo has put a Rs 36,000 in India which makes it a direct competitor to the OnePlus 6. Now as we all know that the OnePlus 6 may lack the fingerprint technology such as ClearID, but it more than makes up for it with its incredible hardware specs.

So in conclusion, the X21 may not sell very much because the OnePlus 6 is a much better phone at that price tag. But whether you pick the OnePlus 6 or the Vivo X21, selling your current smartphone on Cashify will make it a sweeter purchase!