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Want To Connect Old Gaming Console To TV? Know How!


Gamers were crazy in the past about the old consoles as it was one of the unique medium that kept them engrossed throughout the time. Since the technology has revitalised the entire face of gaming, most of the old gaming consoles are out of the league. Even then if any of you do own an old gaming console, then here’s how you can connect it to your TV and enjoy some retro gaming all by yourself.



To begin with, it is advisable to buy a high quality cable. If you feel that the cables are “ok” to begin with, no sign of wear and tear, then it is just a matter of a few minutes, before you can actually get started with the process.

Once you have the cables ready, start by connecting the single RCA cable from the console right to the box.

Once you are done, then pull out the coaxial cable from the box and connect it in the cable or antenna port right on the back of your television.


Final Thoughts

Switch the TV into “game” mode and switch the mode manually instead of auto tuning in order to get better clarity with ease. Following these simple steps, gamers can make their way to connect the old gaming consoles to television. Indeed it is a great feeling to dive into the world of nostalgia.

On the contrary, though it feels great to be able to connect your old gaming console to the television at zero cost, one always has the choice of upgrading to better technology. Sell your old gaming consoles with Cashify and get instant cash along with free pick up right at your doorstep. It’s just that easy!


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