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Want to get the best sale price for your old Samsung (Galaxy, S2, S3, S4, Note, Grand ) Phone ?

Want to get the best sale price for your old Samsung (Galaxy, S2, S3, S4, Note, Grand ) Phone ?

Your  samsung mobile phone’s condition will highly affect the buy-back price offered by ReGlobe. In order to get the correct assessment, you should follow a few simple steps. First of all clean your phone before sending it to us. A clean phone generally tends to get higher after sale value.

Follow the steps below to get that phone clean and ready for shipping to ReGlobe.

How to check Water Damage

Remove the back casing and check for visible watermark sign under the battery. If the phone has water damage, the small white sticker under the battery will be either pink or red. Also, the charging contacts on the battery will show signs of salt deposition.

Basic Function Test

In order to check the most critical hardware components and features of your phone, you should conduct simple basic tests as under:

Test the charging port: Connect your phone to your AC adapter and plug it into the nearest wall outlet. The battery icon on the phone should show the charging bolt inside the battery icon. This charging bolt indicates that the phone is charging. If the indicator is not showing, you may have a faulty or bad battery, or your charging port may be damaged.

Test call functionality and volume controls: Press the volume button both up and down. If the icon on the screen registers the changes and if going to zero volume, your phone vibrates then the volume button is working fine. Call someone and check the functionality of the microphone, speaker and speakerphone

Test the touchscreen:  For an Samsung Android phone Type *#0*# on the number pad. An LCD test screen will appear. Select all the options and check the functionality of each option.

Test the camera: Open the camera app. Take a test photo and examine the results for distortion or discoloration. If your phone has a dedicated camera button, make sure to test that as well.

Test the Wi-Fi antenna and screen backlight: Open the Settings menu. Select the Wi-Fi option and activate the antenna by toggling the switch to “On.” The phone should scan for nearby channels. If you’re in range of any Wi-Fi networks, the service names will be displayed under the “Choose a Network…” heading. Return to the Settings menu and select the Brightness option. Adjust the slider from minimum to maximum brightness and note the changes in backlight intensity.


Calculating the ReGlobe sale price of your  Samsung Smartphone

Now that you’ve checked the phone, log onto www.cashify.in and use the calculator to find the sale price. The calculator will ask you to choose the physical condition and functional defects.

Be honest in choosing the cosmetic condition of your phone.

Not Working: Select this option if your phone does not power on or charge.

Fair: The defects in this category include cracks body or screen, parts missing from the phone casing, buttons missing. If the phone has a sliding mechanism, it may not be working properly or would need excessive force to open.

Good Select this option if your phone turns on, charges, and has only cosmetic issues that are less severe than mentioned above. Screen defects include right from light scratches all the way to stuck or dead pixels. Body defects include scratches, scuffs, or nicks, even if there are only a few. This also includes small missing pieces, separation, or cracks in the housing. Your phone is likely in “good” condition; 9 out of 10 phones we see are in this condition.

Flawless If your phone looks like brand new, right out of the factory packing, you select this option. The screen must be absolutely pristine. Very few phones we receive fall in this category.


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