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Want Instant Cash? Here’s The Most Convenient Way!

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Eyeing that super-stylish (and super expensive) dress on Amazon or Myntra for a long, long time or saving up for the last few months to gift a new iPad to Daddy dearest? Here are some ways to make easy money! Read on:

  • The pen is mightier than the sword

We have all grown up hearing this since school days, haven’t we? If you are cash-strapped, it is probably a good time to implement the age-old adage in practical life too! Have a flair for writing about interesting topics? Start your own blog or freelance for others! Video blogging is booming too. So, shoot your way to glory if you have the knack and creativity for the same.

  • Monetize your creative skills

Always mastered the art of creating beautiful greeting cards for friends and relatives alike? Cash in on that skill of yours and start making some serious dough by selling your handmade cards on your own online store! Personalized greeting cards are definitely here to stay. Make the most of it and start raking in some extra moolah!

  • Over-deliver at work

Sounds a little absurd, no? It is, however, true that super-employees who perform exceedingly well at work and over-deliver are more likely to get a raise before their actual appraisal date! Who knows, you might just turn out to be the lucky one? Keep working hard, not hardly!


  • Start coaching

Always been a rank-holder or topper in your school or college? Why not put your knowledge to good use and make good money out of it too? The education industry in India is booming currently and it is only expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Start mentoring and tutoring students to earn way more than you ever expected!

  • Sell and earn

Take the traditional (read easy) way out! Try selling your phone on Cashify! Here’s how it works:  Just download the Cashify app from the Play Store or App Store or visit the link Cashify.in if you have a used phone or laptop to sell. Fill in some details about your phone’s present condition and get an instant quote! If you’re happy with the offered resale value, just choose your preferred payment mode, schedule a free pick for your device and sit back and relax! Let Cashify do the job for you. Ever thought selling old phones and laptops could actually make your money pot grow?