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Welcome 2016 With New Mobile Launches in India!


Year after year, smartphone manufacturers put their heart and soul in developing a virtually perfect device to compete with some of the best phones in the market. Just like every year, gadget enthusiasts are waiting restlessly for the top brands like Apple, Samsung, Sony, etc to launch their best smartphones next year as well. So we did some research for our enthusiasts and here’s the list of smartphones with which you can welcome 2016 with new mobile launches in India!


Apple: iPhone 7


Apple’s iPhone 6S was greeted with great enthusiasm in the market post its launch recently. The smartphone offered innovative features like 3D-Touch, which is in addition to the existing Slide, Tap & Pinch, graces the feature of Peek & Pop. The next iPhone 7 is the most awaited of all new mobile launches in India. It is expected to be more magnificent as a newly designed and implanted iPhone has been seen so far whereas an incremental upgrade over the previous one is yet to be witnessed.


Samsung: Galaxy S7


For the first time in history, Samsung’s next smartphone will be sharing the same model number with that of Apple’s iPhone 7. Samsung Galaxy S6, hands down was the biggest change that the company had ever seen in terms of design & implementation. The next one is one of the most anticipated new mobile launches in India and is perceived to be even better, featuring more features (rumored to feature 3D touch as well) & is expected to be launched around February `16.


Sony: Xperia Z6


Sony has been on a roller coaster ride in the last few quarters. Facing many ups and downs, Sony’s mobiles are yet to prove their smartness in the smartphone kingdom. Having received a bit of appreciation, this status is expected to be changed as Sony looks forward to launch Xperia Z6 in the New Year.


LG: G5


On the whole, LG was successful enough to celebrate much with its previously launched mobiles. LG is putting in all its efforts to keep the momentum alive with their next G5 model. It is expected to launch around March 2016.


HTC: One M10


HTC One was the most beautiful Android device ever manufactured by HTC that offered the best of performance in its era. However, few mobile launches failed post the first launch of HTC One. On the contrary, the One M10 is anticipated to be the “One of 2016” & bring back the smartphone crown to HTC.


Samsung: Galaxy Note 6 and Edge 7


The most anticipated & fabulous phablet Note 6 and Edge 7 may get launched at the same time. These smartphone-tablet hybrids offer top of the edge features. Samsung might even consider taking this line of devices to a whole new level with these two launches in future.


Google: The Next Nexus


Speculations are on the rise as to who will manufacture the next edition of Nexus. One can expect Google to launch the Next Nexus in the third quarter post the launch of new OS upgrade. Both the launches can be expected at the same time as well.


It is much evident that such flagships are eagerly anticipated by a lot of tech and mobile enthusiasts. All such enthusiasts can be rest assured to get impressed with the lineup of smartphones set to be rolled out in 2016!


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