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What Apple Might Unwrap in 2016!


2015 is at its end and 2016 will soon zoom in with full rigor. However, the coming year may or may not be a very happening one for Apple. With the share price dropping at an alarming rate, it is high time that Apple geared up if it still wants to be on the top of the technical hierarchy.


iPhone 7: It has been just a few months since the customers have been enthralled with the Apple iPhone 6 and already rumors of iPhone 7 have taken the tech world by a roll. Although it is way too early to get a leaked image of the gadget, it is said to be much slimmer than its predecessor.




iPad Air 3: iPad Air 3 is the second largest gadget of its genre and will be receiving its very first update in the early months of 2016. Although the 3D touch sensor of the iPhone 6S will be missing in this, the other specs are not definitely known.


Apple Watch 2: Apple is also gearing up to launch its new smart watch, Apple Watch 2 which is going to be of a much better material and will be much less dependent on the iPhone this time. Said to be launched in 2016, it will be thinner and will have FaceTime camera.




Mac Pro: Since it was launched, Mac Pro didn’t receive a single update which is about to change in the coming year. It is said that it will be updated to a better version of the existing one.


iPhone 6C: Way before the launch of iPhone 7, Apple will be launching a 4-inch smart phone by the name of iPhone 6C, which is supposed to be like 6S. However, the smaller version is going to lack certain features like 3D touch and camera sensors.




Project Titan: Apple’s much awaited electric car will not hit the road till 2019 or possibly 2020. Irrespective of the odds, Apple is seen buying certain technologies and looking for places to test their car’s prototype. Hopefully the wait will be worth the product.


So that is pretty much all about Apple in the coming year of 2016. Given the fact that the company will have to face certain challenges, it is believed that the company will be able to restore its former glory and get back to the top of the whole tech game!


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