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What Can The Poco F2 Have?


The Poco F1 was Xiaomi’s entry into what some people might call the budget flagship segment. This was a price range that had been dominated almost entirely by OnePlus and to some extent Asus. So what was so special about the Poco F1? The device offered the same flagship grade smartphone specs such as the OnePlus at a price that was nearly half.

The Poco F1 retails at a price of Rs 19,999 while the OnePlus 6T has a price tag of Rs 37,990. As you can see, this is a massive difference. The Poco even provides a better battery and bigger copper heat sync pipe than the OnePlus.

Now, what does Poco have to do move ahead of the high standards it has already set? The Poco F2 smartphone will likely be launching in September of next year but will it blow our minds like the Poco F1?


We expect the Poco F2 to come with the latest Snapdragon processor along with a variant which will have 10 GB of RAM like the recently announced Mi Mix 3 smartphone. The Poco F1 has been made using plastic to save cost giving the phone a slightly ugly look. We expect that the Poco F2 will use some kind of polycarbonate material so that it gives the device some kind of a premium look.

In the camera department, the Poco F1 does use a good camera, but it is definitely not the best even in its price range. Although the phone has not been marketed as a camera device, it is believed that the Poco F2 would definitely be looking to improve the camera quality. Implementing the latest Sony sensors would be a step in the right direction.

The Xiaomi Pocophone F1 sported a rather large 4000mAh battery and we are expecting an improvement in this as well, but there is a debate whether this will be a significant improvement to 5000mAh or a smaller one to 4300mAh.

Will Poco F2 employ an AMOLED display? If so that will most likely also shoot up the price of the device considerably. Also, it will be logical for Xiaomi to keep the IR face sensors on the phone as they make for fast face unlock speeds.

Another thing we might also see on the Poco F2 is the inclusion of a bigger display or the shortening of the huge notch on the top. Can Poco achieve all this and still keep an attractive price tag? This is something we will find out when the phone is announced or at least during the runup of the launch. If you’re buying though, remember to sell your used smartphone on Cashify before you upgrade!


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