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What Happened When I Quit Using My Phone For One Week


Nearly all of us are borderline obsessed with our smartphones. Middle schoolers check Instagram every 20 seconds now to see how many likes their most recent post received. Almost all college kids spend each moment of their free time snapping or texting or left-swiping. Parents, who claim to be stereotypical traditionalists or proudly anti-technology, have fallen into the cell phone trap too. So what happens if we take away your precious device for just one week? I did just that. Here’s what I learned!

Face-to-face conversations are actually enjoyable

Well, who would have thought? Talking to someone face to face is always a real treat for a healthy relationship, unless, of course, you don’t like the said someone.

If he/she wants to contact you, he/she will find a way

This one goes out for true friends. When your phone dies, you find out who really cares about communicating with you. It’s a good way to differentiate your true friends.

Falling asleep at night is way easier without a phone

It seems a bit silly saying this but it is quite obvious that sleeping is way easier when you do not have a smartphone around to distract you from the task of falling asleep. It is easy to just get in bed, close your eyes, and drift off into a sweet slumber. There’s a biological basis for this as well – the white light from smartphone screens does mess up our biological clock and impact sleep.

Daily life is doable without a phone

Surprising as this may seem – in your day-to-day life you actually don’t need a phone to go about your normal routine. It can be argued that you can become more efficient with your time when you do not have your smartphone.

Actually not missing out on too much

We are aware how crazy these conversations can be, but you clearly won’t miss the massive number of notifications that would bombard your phone when the group chat was particularly active.

Facebook is definitely not going anywhere

Despite the many rumors about the dying popularity of Facebook, the social media giant is still going strong. In fact, it has really become the easiest way of communicating with your family and your friends when you’re phoneless.

It can get annoying as hell when I’m talking to someone and he/she is on his/her phone. It is incredibly frustrating to talk to someone when the person is not making any sort of eye contact with you or engaging in a discussion with you. This just proves the point of how everyone is completely hooked on to their smartphones and social media all the time.

Conclusion? We rely on technology way more than we need to

Over time you come to realise that perhaps there was no need for such dependency on technology in your life. The occasional pangs of your phone will come to haunt you from time to time of course. Considering how the world functions nowadays, it is likely that you will need to go back to your phone since people can’t reach you if you’re off the grid completely.