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What is ScreenPro?


Repairing our smartphone display has gotten increasingly expensive, unreliable and just generally frustrating. Whether it’s the lack of trust that the unofficial smartphone repair industry has come to be known for, or if it’s just the high repair costs that official repairs charge, it’s an experience all of would rather avoid.

But even though the display of a smartphone happens to be the most important part of the smartphone, Cashify’s new service – ScreenPro is here to fix your broken smartphone screen at your home within 30-45 minutes.

what is screenpro

Visit the ScreenPro website and find the device you want to have the screen replaced for. You will be given the best possible quote for your screen repair, which we can assure will be the best price for genuine parts. ScreenPro technicians will then arrive at an address and time of your choosing to repair the screen. ScreenPro even offers a 6-month guarantee and week-long money back guarantee.


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