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What Phones Would Sherlock Characters Use?

Source: AMCNetworks

Everyone loves the mind-bending series that is BBC’s Sherlock. Our Baker Street boys set on extremely strange and dangerous adventures and Sherlock’s detective prowess is always there to the rescue. Watson as a side-kick has been given quite little to do but his friendship with Sherlock turns out to be the best things about the series. So what smartphones would Sherlock characters be using to stay in touch? Let’s find out.

Sherlock Holmes

To be quite frank this guy doesn’t require any phone to prove his genius. But if one had to pick a phone for the smartest man in the world it would be the smartest phone in the world. We are talking about the Google Pixel 2. With the best of Google assistant engineered specifically by Google in the phone, the Google Pixel 2 is an ideal companion for the consulting detective.

John Watson

John has to be the most confused person on this planet. If it was not for his thirst for adventure, Sherlock might not have picked him as a roommate. However, since we love John we shall give him a BlackBerry Priv so that its minimalistic design does not overwhelm the good-natured Doctor. But just to be on the safer side an iPhone with Track my iPhone facility should also be slipped into his pocket on the off chance that he is kidnapped.

Jim Moriarty

The evilest and devious mind in the entire series does make him deserving of an equally crazy phone. We have decided to bestow the Note 7 on this lunatic fringe due to the fact that he, like the phone, is a ticking time bomb. Also, neither of them were in this world for long. That’s gotta burn (pun intended). However, an unhackable Huawei Mate 10 pro is also not off the cards, if he decides to perform his jail break again. From the dead.


Mycroft has always claimed that he is, in fact, the smarter one everytime he meets Sherlock. No wonder that he has an air of superiority around him. It may also be because he is quite possibly the entire British intelligence stuffed into one person, or so he claims. But all his qualities aside, the HTC U11 is the best phone for him as it’s got 3 intelligent assistants all in one phone.


Scotland Yard is never particularly on top of things in the Sherlock series. Lestrade is no different from the rest of his department. He relies only and only on Sherlock to get things done for him. So Lestrade is deserving of an Intex phone with Sherlock and Watson’s number on speed dial so that they can come and get him out of any trouble.