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CES 2019: What To Expect


The Consumer Electronic Expo, or CES for short, is the annual electronics exhibition where major tech companies around the world demonstrate their products. Often seen as the biggest tech show of the year, CES is centred around new and upcoming technologies that are going to become mainstream either the same year or moving forward. Additionally, many companies also go ahead and launch consumer electronic products such as laptops, smart speakers, smart TVs and more.

CES This Year

In 2019, we can be quite sure that the buzz will be more around the upcoming 5G revolution that is set to change the world of internet of things. CES 2019 will be held from 8th January to 11th January and many of the major tech giants including LG, Samsung, Huawei and more will be demonstrating their products.

Confirmed press conferences of the world include Qualcomm, Samsung, Toyota, TCL and more. In terms of products, we can expect a lot of audio peripherals and devices coming from the likes of Sony who is known for appealing to audiophiles. Qualcomm and Amazon are in works for making a new Alexa skill that will see better integration of the voice assistant on phones.

Foldable displays are also another thing that might make a mark at CES. Now we have already seen the foldable phone from Samsung being unveiled we can be quite sure that the other companies such as LG and Huawei will follow suit. LG did unveil a bizarre folding TV last year and this year other OEMs are set to join the company unveiling their own foldable TVs.

In terms of new mobile tech, Samsung will reportedly be giving its first public demo of the Sound on Display technology. Basically, this turns your AMOLED display into a giant speaker removing the need to additionally add a speaker unit. This new tech is the first in a series of under-the-display phone technologies that Samsung will be implementing to give users a truly bezel-less screen.

Cars are a big thing at CES and especially with the onset of driverless cars from Waymo and also new Tesla competitors in town such as Fisker, smart cars will be a thing to watch out for. As it is with the likelihood of 5G running properly by 2020 we can see a massive boost in the deployment of autonomous cars on the roads.

Lastly chipmaker AMD will likely be introducing 3rd-gen Ryzen processors and all new Radeon graphics cards. NVIDIA should also make noise with its next-gen RTX graphics and perhaps we may hear some announcement about the first RTX-capable laptops. We are sure to be entertained at CES this year. What are your thoughts?


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