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What to Expect from CES 2018

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The upcoming edition of the annual CES event will happen from 9-12 January 2018 in Las Vegas this time. In the run up to the event, here’s everything you would need to know about the world’s largest trade show. It’s fair to expect that we’ll get to see a few major product launches, which will be unveiled to more than 170,000 people visiting the show.

AR, VR, And Mixed Reality

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Many VR headsets – such as the Microsoft’s HoloLens, HTC’s Vive and Oculus’ Rift have made a lot of headway in 2017. The headsets have also opened up a lot of new possibilities for third-party developers to develop their own apps for the ecosystems. Now that many consumers are getting access to AR, VR and mixed reality headsets, it can only be assumed that they’ll be even bigger in 2018.

Biometric Technology

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Quite a few people have increasingly become wary about their personal data, leading to an expected rise in biometric security features. The recently launched iPhone X features Face ID, a 3D face-scanning technology which can unlock the phone. Working on this, Synaptics, a world-renowned biometric company has made an announcement of its new in-display fingerprint reader. So it won’t be surprising to see biometrics at the forefront of most technologies at CES – from smartphones to fridges.

Faster Chipsets

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Qualcomm in Hawaii recently announced the Snapdragon 845 chipset, which would most likely feature in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and also the LG G7. Newer chipsets like these might be showcased in Las Vegas and feature in new product launches.

Smart Home Innovation

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At IFA 2017, we witnessed a lot of different home-orientated products – from automated fridges that bring you a beer to smart wireless speakers that connect to your home network. This year we also witnessed the UK launch of Google’s smart speaker and the total refresh of Amazon’s Echo range. So we have some hope of seeing a lot more Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa-enabled products at CES 2018.

The Year Of Robots

Source: The Sun

We have seen the AI voice assistant became ubiquitous in people’s homes. It would seem that with robots becoming more capable than ever, could 2018 be the year they go mainstream? It would be easy to see the manufacturing plants showcase techy pet toys, robots with AI chips for consumer-grade products. In other words, we expect to see a larger focus on robotics at CES 2018.

Car Tech

Source: Tesla

Cars have been getting smarter for quite a while now. There are more eyes on them than ever after Elon Musk made the announcement of the Tesla Roadster earlier this year. Expect other manufacturers to show off some seriously impressive car technology at CES this year to keep up.

The 2-in-1 Takes Over

Source: Dell

This is an easy trend to notice. The first “modern” laptop/tablet hybrid was introduced at CES 2012 by Lenovo, and from then on the Yoga series has gone on to become a long-time favourite. Quite clearly, the idea of a touchscreen Windows laptop with a folding or detachable hinge was once a rarity. But it seems as though now it has become a default for a big part of every major PC-maker’s lineup (well, except for Apple).

At CES 2018, we’ll continue to see that trend play out, with more companies using the 2-in-1 design as a default for mainstream and even budget laptops. It won’t be a part of every laptop, but it’ll be in enough and more ones to make it the new normal.

With CES 2018 barely a few days away, who knows if a manufacturer springs us a surprise with new technology we haven’t been expecting? Let’s wait and watch!