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What To Expect From The iPhone 11


Apple’s iPhone can be considered as one of the most revolutionary products in human history. Apple was the first company to really show us what seamless interface users could have on a phone when it introduced the first iPhone back in 2007. Fast forwards 10 years and after some massive changes to the design of the iPhone, we have arrived at the 10 year anniversary of the product and it is called as the iPhone X.

Lots of Firsts

There have been a lot of firsts with the iPhone X. Namely, this is the first time the iPhone has abandoned the physical home button and replaced it with a full-screen bezel-less design.

iPhone X also had the first time implementation of the dual-camera system vertically wherein both the sensors had optical image stabilisation. Apple also introduced the Face ID, which as the name suggests is an authentication system which is based on recognizing your face.

In that sense, one can argue that the upcoming iPhone in 2018 will have a lot of expectations resting on its shoulders. We can see from earlier reports that Apple is planning to launch three new iPhone variants this year. Two of these phones will have an OLED display just like the iPhone X and the third will have an LCD display. Predictions have been made of a 6.5-inch iPhone, which will be called as the iPhone X Plus.


Obviously, there has been no announcement of the names of these devices and we won’t know for sure until Apple’s annual Keynote in September. However, we can make some assumptions as to what this device might actually have. For one, it is quite certain that the phone will have the yet to be announced A12 Chipset. Apple has always introduced a new chipset on its latest iPhones and there is no reason to believe that it will not happen today as well

Apart from this, we expect a host of new changes in the Face ID system, which is possible to come with the new iOS 12 update. There have also been rumours of a triple-camera system on the iPhone X (2018), however, knowing Apple, seems to be highly unlikely.

There will be more improvements in the Animoji department and we can expect the notch to hold more kinds of sensors for improved functionality. Can the new iPhone have a better display than the last? It would seem so, as Samsung is still producing OLED panels for Apple. It is also possible that the latest iPhones also come with more RAM. Also, Apple would be looking to make some headway into AI and also make some more room in its chipset to incorporate the upcoming 5G technology. We shall have to see what exactly Apple has in mind and in the coming days we are sure to learn more.