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What You See Vs What You Get When You Have A Broken Screen


Smartphones travel with us everywhere we go, so naturally they’re going to have to be sturdy. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t enough, and they tend to get damaged the most as well. Now we are no one to preach, but it’ll be pretty lame for you do not have a screen guard on your device, since… you know… the screen is the most fragile part of the phone and can easily cost you a third of the cost of your device to repair?

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Some people be like – “meh.. What does it matter if my screen is broken? I can still see what’s on it right? Right? RIGHT?”. Wrong. What happens when the pixel starts to distort after a long period of usage? What happens when you accidentally knock the pixels out while gaming? What happens when water seeps into the cracks on your display?

Actually, much worse can happen.

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Let’s picture a scenario. It’s Saturday night. Your biryani craving is, as usual, off the charts. You open that food delivery website and hit order the moment you see the word biryani. After a tiresome wait of 30 minutes the food’s finally here and WHAT? It’s VEG BIRYANI? Of course you didn’t see it clear on that disastrous broken screen of yours. Broke Phone GIF - Broke Phone GIFs

Now you’re poorer, hungrier and pissed beyond limits, cursing your display like a sailor. And guess what? They don’t even take the food back once it’s delivered. But then again, you might have missed that tiny detail too, for obvious reasons.

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But you think this isn’t the end of your phone display. You decide to give it another shot. You head off to Tinder. You can barely see the photo but you’re used to swiping right so you do that. You get a match.

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You set up a meet. You arrive there early and are excited to meet this new person in your life. The age showed 25 so it’s all good. Suddenly the door opens and who you see is not who you expected. They ask you your name. You tell them and they tell you theirs. You can’t even say that they look better in person because they don’t, and who’s to blame? That Brutus of a broken screen you’ve held so close to your heart. You are about to smash it. But suddenly you receive a text.

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After some squinting you find it’s from ScreenPro and that they are going to save you a lot of trouble. Screen repair is a challenging task, but ScreenPro makes it a cakewalk. Head over to ScreenPro’s website and find the device you want to have the screen replaced for. Select its colour, and you will get the best possible quote for your screen repair. It gets better – ScreenPro technicians will arrive at your doorstep for the repair.

That’s right, you’re not going to need to step out. ScreenPro only uses genuine parts, which is why it offers a 6-month warranty and a week-long money back option, so you have complete peace of mind.

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For any questions or queries, visit the ScreenPro website or call us at 995-3353-995. ScreenPro supports all major smartphone brands as well – such as Apple, Lenovo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and more.


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