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Laptops of the Future: What to Expect


We live in a time when every single kind of technology is growing at exponential rates. What once was a device used to make calls is now a hand held PC. Similarly, the old, heavy, bulky and low powerful laptops are now literal beasts, churning out immense power to meet people’s needs and demands. We have come this far alright, but what comes next? What may be the next features we see on our notebooks? Let’s sit and get a glance on the future of laptops.

Dual displays

Dual displays on laptops

Remember Nokia’s old flip phone, the 6555? Remember why it was famous then? The reason was that small second display behind the first primary one. Inspired by the same, we also now have the Russian YotaPhone. Imagine the same feature on a laptop. Sounds very good…

A dual display laptop would be very useful for gamers, businessmen and even students as they could run two different operations simultaneously without affecting the other.

A (significantly) better battery life

better battery life on laptops

Admit it; battery lives on most of today’s laptops literally suck. 3-4 hours of usage is more than enough to bring the bar to zero. With batteries becoming more compact than ever, better battery life might soon be a reality.

Getting better batteries on these devices could surely be of high importance for people who stay out a lot and even travelers.

Faster processing speeds

laptops are getting fasterThe tech savvies of this decade keep demanding for more and more power and faster processing speeds. Processors today are extremely small and equally powerful, and are improving every day.

Expect a LOT of power on laptops of the future.

More connectivity options

more connected laptops

While processing speeds are a must, data transfer rates are equally important. We keep on transferring data and files to and fro all our devices. This is a chore though, as most connectivity methods today are not fast enough. This is about to change though as faster methods of connectivity are about to go mainstream. Expect them on your next laptop. Better WiFi and whatnot, hopefully we will get them soon.

Complete ‘Wirelessness’

True wirelessness on laptops

Wires- those strands of rubber and plastic that, no matter how much you take care of, get tangled up. They also put forward the problem of distance range as most wires are relatively short. While some hardware devices like mice and speakers already have been treated with wireless technology, expect the charging cable too to disappear on the next laptops as wireless charging is on its way to replace charging cables.

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