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What’s with the Dual screen display trend in smartphones?

What's with the Dual screened display trend in smartphones?

The trend for including dual screen displays in smartphones is fast catching up in modern smartphones. The most recent joinee of this technology was the Samsung SM-G9298 flip phone which will have dual flip AMOLED display.

Brands Jumping In

The Samsung SM-G9298 signifies a recent turn of events in the smartphone world wherein manufacturers have started to include dual displays on their phone. The Meizu Pro 7 had a rectangular second display on its backside which could be used to pay games such as packman. It could also be used to tell the time. It can also be used to tell the weather and music being played.

The company apparently are launching another dual display called as the Meizu X2 which has circular display on its back.

HTC’s U series

One of the most known brand in the smartphone world, HTC also tried their hand on dual display with the HTC U Ultra. The phone had a secondary screen not on the back but on the top of the phone. It acted as a secondary notification center. It was designed to have convenient access to the things you use the most—like your favorite contacts, app shortcuts, event notifications, and more.

The LG V20 also has a gimmicky second screen which like the HTC U Ultra is a place for displaying additional information and quick settings that aren’t always in the foreground on a typical Android phones.

This rising trend is significant due to the fact that phones are not being limited to a single screen system. Companies have started to realize the fact that a phone becomes more efficient when given a secondary display to work with.

YotaPhone are trying to capitalise on this new market with bi displays on either side of the phone. The next model called the YotaPhone 3 will be coming with a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display on the front and a 5.2-inch 720p E Ink touchscreen on the back. Essentially the company advertised that the phone would never be shut since it had display on both the sides.

Doomed for Failure?

However, the dual display property does not mean that it will always succeed. Having dual screen might also mean extra load on the battery reducing the time a phone functions.

In a world where bezels are vanishing fast to make way for more screen size adding another screen at the top may prove to be a bit troublesome. The selling point of the LG V20 was that it had superior audio and video recording quality which helped the sales. The secondary screen was not a necessity in the phone.

That being said a second screen may be useful for just checking quick notifications or the time when you are on the go. It can save battery power and also help the user to save time.

However, it is not likely that the trend for second screens is here to stay as bezel-less displays are expected to swoop in the market.