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WhatsApp Will Now Allow All Types Of File Transfers

WhatsApp Will Now Allow All Types Of File Transfers

How many times have you wanted to share a file on WhatsApp but couldn’t? You probably had to upload your file on the cloud and share the download link on WhatsApp. Yes, we’ve all been there. And WhatsApp has taken cognisance. The messaging app, which is also the go-to app for sharing photos, videos and Word files, will soon allow users to send a variety of files including MP3 files and even APK files.


Testing Is Ongoing

WhatsApp is supposedly testing support for all types of file transfers with a limited number of users. Some users in countries like India, Japan, Kuwait, Sri Lanka have reported that the support has arrived, but many are yet to receive it. WhatsApp is expected to gradually introduce this feature in phases to all its users.

It is worth mentioning that the file sharing limit is capped at 128 MB on iOS, 64 MB on Web and 100 MB on Android. WhatsApp will also users to send uncompressed photos and videos without compromising on resolution, but the limit is low for high-quality videos of sufficient length. This has probably been done to make sure that WhatsApp’s servers are not burdened with huge files.

Rolling Out Soon

That’s it then. No more having to resort to bluetooth, USB transfers, or cloud uploads to send your files across. All of it will now be done on one platform. Rejoice, will you? We’re likely to see this feature rolled out to all users within a month.