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Where To Buy And Sell A Refurbished iPhone


They say the best time of year to buy a used, refurbished iPhone is in the months of October to December. This is because of the fact that a glut of used devices flood the market as people rush to sell last year’s model, so they can make some cash to buy the new iPhone.

Why iPhones Sell

Apple’s iPhones are quite expensive. This time especially, with the new iPhone X. That is why there are plenty of people that buy second-hand or reconditioned units, as they’re often a hell of a lot cheaper. Plus, once a new iPhone lands, the price of the older iPhone models start to go down making them considerably cheaper.


Also, add in the fact that Apple’s track-record has been quite excellent with software-support, and investing in a two year old iPhone 6s makes a lot of sense.

Apple has been developing the iOS to be a 64-bit platform. All of the iPhone since 2013 have actually been 64-bit. It’s now 2017, and this is easily a long enough grace period for old hardware users to update and move forwards.

If you’re looking for a solid 64-bit iPhone that can be supported for another few years, you’re best option would be an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. So how do you find a good deal on an iPhone?

Selling Your iPhone

If you’re looking to sell your iPhone, look no further than Cashify.

With Cashify, the prices offered are fair, and the steps involved are minimal. We’ve previously covered in detail how you can go about selling your phone on Cashify here.

Once the sale is complete, your phone will be refurbished and sold back to prospective buyers in a responsible, environmental friendly way. Now you, loaded with cash from Cashify, can add it to your next refurbished iPhone purchase. Which brings us to the next section – buying your iPhone.

Buying Your iPhone

The best place to properly get a refurbished, functional iPhone will most probably be eBay, or Apple’s international websites. They have a complete dedicated page which offers proper and certified refurbished products ranging from iPhones to iMac’s and even iPods and Apple TV. This site is the best option as the chances of getting cheated on an Apple site are next to none. Apple values its customers and therefore will try and deliver the best service possible for them.

With eBay, make sure it’s a reputed seller you’re buying from. Fresh new sellers selling a refurbished iPhone could turn out to be a scam you should probably avoid.

Sites like OLX and Quikr are also an option but it would be unwise to trust them as they offer no kind of guarantee for the product, unlike Cashify or Apple.


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