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Which Infinity War Character Are You?


As The Avengers: Infinity War finally hits the theatres, all Marvel fans come together to celebrate fandom, so much so that “What’s the plan?” seems a totally absurd question this weekend!

Why the craze, you ask? Well, among many reasons, Marvel has developed all its Avengers in a manner that no other series has managed. There are some main characters that have evolved over time and become our favourites.

In the modern age, where everything has been defined by technology, it would seem that our Infinity War characters can also be defined by it. But which character would you be, from a tech perspective? Here’s a little tech quiz to determine which Avenger you are:

What do you think about the current smartphone technology?

  1. Big fan of technology, like all the latest gadgets
  2. Big fan of technology, but selective of what I like and dislike
  3. Not a big fan, don’t use all the latest features
  4. Bare minimum interaction
  5. I’m more of a vintage tech person, prefer good old tech

If you had a $1000, what would you buy?

  1. iPhone X
  2. A customized Samsung Galaxy S9, or an HTC perhaps?
  3. A budget Android and maybe spend the rest on more important things
  4. Rather buy something to eat
  5. 10 Nokia 3310s

Given a choice between a mobile phone and a telephone, what would you prefer?

  1. Mobile phone, as long as it is slick and trendy.
  2. My favorite smartphone brand, not neccesarily the most expensive phone.
  3. A telephone
  4. Smash em both
  5. Why does it matter?

If a Nokia 3310 was thrown at your head you would

  1. Die instantly
  2. Get offended at the choice of phone thrown at you.
  3. Sustain head damage
  4. The Nokia 3310 would break against my skull
  5. Catch it mid-air and use it.

Congratulations! If most of your answers are 1s, then you are the tech enthusiast Tony Stark. You always have a valued chest for your gadgets (pun intended).

If you found yourself selecting 2s more than any other answer – you have a refined taste in tech, with a clear idea of what you like, and how tech should serve you. You’d pick a slick Android over the overly popular and mainstream iPhone. You, are Black Widow.

If you had mostly 3s as answers, you are likely to be the historic Steve Rogers aka Captain America. You use technology, but that’s strictly how you describe your relationship with it. You’d much rather keep the emotions out of here.

If you had mostly 4s as answers then, you are the roaring Hulk. We shouldn’t have to describe why, right?

If you were picking 5s as most of your answers, it looks like you’re Thor. You see the invincible Nokia 3310 as a reincarnate of your amazing hammer, and you’d much rather use solid, sturdy old tech than the fragile excuses they call smartphones today.

Fun, right?