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Which Phones Should You Buy This Christmas?

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The most awaited Christmas season is back again. If you are like the rest of the world then you too will be thinking of buying a new phone, since Christmas sales are raging everywhere. Here are some of the top phones you should definitely consider.

iPhone 7 Plus

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Even after more than a year, the iPhone 7 Plus remains to be one of the best phones you can buy, although it still lacks some of the most cutting-edge features on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. With the 7 Plus you also get a 5.5-inch screen with a dual lens camera, as well as latest iOS 11 operating system.

Also, the optics on the device allow for some greatly-improved zoomed in photos, as well as a new portrait mode that will blur the background of photos while putting the focus on the subject. Even though the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are available, it can be said that the iPhone 7 Plus has just undergone a massive price cut, which gives it an attractive option if you don’t mind getting some technology that is slightly outdated.

Nokia 8

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It can be said that the Nokia 8 is one of the top Android flagships which has come out this year and it is a welcome return for the Nokia brand to the smartphone market. The device is reasonably priced at £499 and runs on a smooth, clean version of Android. It also has a 5.3-inch screen QHD+ screen and it is also comfortable to hold, its rounded edges sitting nicely in the hand.

The speciality is a dual camera on the rear, which can achieve depth effect photos and also provides the signature “bothie” feature, which lets users take a front picture and also a selfie at the same time.

Pixel 2

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Mountain View based-Google has unveiled its flagship Pixel 2 smartphone, and it is clear that it is putting artificial intelligence first with its Google Assistant smart aide. An added bonus is the best cameras on a smartphone and comes with Android O, Google’s new operating system.

But unfortunately, it had to do away with a headphone jack, joining Apple’s iPhone 7 and 8 in removing the staple feature.However, it does features “active edge” on its sides, which can be pressed to activate Google Assistant, quite like the HTC U11. It was launched alongside a whole host of other Google hardware, including headphones that can translate languages in real time.


Galaxy S8

Samsung’s devices are always the best phones in the world at the time of release, until they are soon overtaken by new releases, naturally. The S8, however, has still managed to hold a fighting chance at the crown for the phone of the year. The Infinity Display is gorgeous, the on-screen home button is quirky, and the performance, as expected, is off the charts! It’s also cheaper than other expensive flagships, if you’re interested!