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Why do iPhone users put up with the dongle life?


Time and again, Apple has preferred advanced technological standards, even if it means replacing well-known and widely used functionalities. Apple has tried to strive towards a lighter and smaller device which consumes less power. More often than not, it vexes the customers – many of whom don’t agree on the exercise really being an ‘advancement’. However, it has never broken the loyal customer-base that Apple enjoys.

Back in 2016, Apple ditched the headphone jack to work towards a lighter, and an all screen phone. The headphone jack was using up too much space, the absence of which has cost most of its customers an extra $10 to buy the dongle and listen to music seamlessly.

However, much rage and hate did spew at the launch of the iPhone back in 2016, and two years down the line, we can observe that the lack of the headphone jack is no longer an issue with most users. While the dongle did bring life back to normalcy, more iPhone users did opt for the wireless Airpods, and not much to Apple’s surprise, wireless headphone sales did surpass the sale of wired headphones in 2016.

In image: AirPods

So why do iPhone users put up with the dongle life? According to Apple, the jack for iPhone 7 was removed in order to optimize the phone. Eliminating the jack gave the iPhone 7 two extra hours of battery life, a camera with good optical stabilisation and better placement for the taptic engine. It was also possible to get an IP67 waterproofing certification now. To many, the dongle can seem like a small cost for such rewards, while of course, many disagree.

Whichever side you’re on, it would always be great to upgrade smartly to a new phone from after Cashifying your old one.



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