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Why Should You Get a 4K Display Laptop?

Why should you a get a 4K display Laptop?

Since the 4K resolution screen started showing up on laptop displays in 2014, the value of a 4K display laptop has been debated quite often. During the early adoption phase, there weren’t a lot of advantages to 4K displays outside of photo editing, with little 4K content available. Most software too wasn’t able to scale outputs properly for the increase in resolution. There are increased hardware demands for playing games or video at 4K, so you weren’t just paying for a nice screen, but pricier components.

Now however, much of that has changed. Prices have started to come down, 4K content is now quite readily available on YouTube, Netflix, and, many other platforms offer scaling support – Samsung is even planning a push for 6K and 8K! There have been plenty of skeptics out there who aren’t buying into the push for more pixels on a laptop. However, if you’re one of them, here’s our list of reasons to consider going for a 4K display laptop.

More Detailed Gaming

There are a ton of games that can now fully support 4K play than there were in 2014. Although you’ll still need a pretty powerful laptop to run them smoothly at that resolution with detail settings on high, you’ll definitely be rewarded with a great immersive viewing experience.

The GST Impact On Your Laptops

But the question is will you miss much by playing at full HD? Probably not. But that doesn’t mostly make the sharper fine details when you are playing at 4K any less awesome (or help your fear of missing out).


This just goes without saying – it is hard to come across a current 4K display laptop that doesn’t make everyday tasks look great. The extra pixels could make for some sharper and smoother text and graphics as well. Plus, hosting most of the standard applications’ interfaces to full scale these days can be achieved without the display looking like garbage. So you’re actually able to enjoy having the increased resolution. On the larger laptop screens, the higher resolution would also mean more room for software user interfaces.

Photo and Video Editing

Accurate color and color gamut support are quite crucial for retouching. But when you have a 4K display for photo editing, it is quite crucial to examining the very fine details of high-resolution images. If the 4K resolution is a starting point, you’ll want to look for the display’s proper pixel density: the higher it is, the more detail you’ll get to see.

Around 2-3 years ago most consumers did not have any access to a camera that recorded in 4K. Now, every premium smartphone can do it along with many dSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras and even smaller video cameras like GoPros. Also if you’re going to shoot in 4K, you might want to actually view the content at that resolution.

It’s part of the premium package

It’s highly likely that you’ll want a premium package which offers you a touchscreen, the most powerful graphics, a processor or other features that will give you some future-proofing. Or maybe it’s just the design you’re after. Whatever be the reason, sometimes the only way to get what you desire is to get a premium build, and “premium” these days typically includes the 4K display.