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When will 4K/Ultra HD go Mainstream?


Many lucky people have already seen the awesomeness of Ultra HD 4K displays, but this doesn’t mean that everyone has experienced the amazing clarity which this high resolution technology can provide. Even though manufacturers are currently rolling out 4K TVs and display devices in masses, most people are oblivious to this new technological innovation.


It takes a little while for any new technology to reach the masses and Ultra HD 4K is no exception to this universal law of technology. This new guy has impressed the outer-world, the audience who actually keep on the cutting edge of technology, but it has yet to reach the critical masses.

First of all, let’s find out what 4K or Ultra HD displays are.


4K resolution refers to a display device or content having horizontal resolution on the order of 4,000 pixels, which we must say, is a lot. Just imagine, searching for an individual pixel on a display and you won’t be able to find any. That will be something worth looking out for.


The size of the pixels in a 4K display is almost half of the size of the pixels found in a full HD display, making it seemingly 70% better at reproducing images. This in every possible manner ensures that the display appears to be almost real. 4K, in a way, is a technology which is about to completely change how we describe virtual displaying.


But how long will it take for the mainstream consumers to actually gain full access to this display innovation?


2019, the year four years hence. That’s what most of the companies are saying about the advent of 4K. Most industries in this sector, including Netflix,  Hulu et cetera have made statements saying that they believe that the masses will receive 4K Ultra HD resolution display experiences by the end of this decade.


Similarly, YouTube too has started up its very own support for this new resolution type. Allowing users to upload Ultra HD videos and encouraging audience to view preexisting works in 4K, YouTube is doing its best to promote Ultra HD.

So, four more years and we will have Ultra HD displays in the mainstream. The picture quality will be seemingly impossible to match. Recording and reproducing pictures will be a very exciting work to do.


But is this wait worth it?


Personally, I feel that it is. Ultra HD is a very intuitive way of watching movies and other AV data. It will enhance your experience with its sharp and crystal clean display as well as the colour saturation and other parameters.

So, let’s just wait for 2019 to blow our minds away.


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