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Will Apple Launch New MacBooks In 2018


WWDC 2018 came and went by and all we saw from Apple were couple software announcements and some new features that will help developers make apps for iOS faster. What we had really expected was the announcements regarding the rumoured iPhone SE 2 and the new lineup of MacBooks or the iMac or the Mac-mini or some other hardware related announcements.

No MacBooks?

But it would seem that Apple is quite content with disappointing some of its most ardent fans in one shot. That is not to say the software announcements were bad, the introduction of the dark mode in the new macOS Mojave was good and also the fact that we are finally seeing grouped notifications in iOS 12 is a great sign for Apple moving forward.

WWDC hasn’t always been the smoothest of rides of Apple and back in June 2017 when Apple’s MacBook Pro laptops had gained faster Kaby Lake processors, but not everyone was happy with the update.

In the same year, about 5 months from WWDC in November 2017, Apple’s Head of Design Jony Ive admitted to being aware of the disappointment and criticism regarding the MacBook models. But that would be mostly because the MacBook announced had a single port for everything and that dongles were required to connect it with everything. Then there was also the issue of a soldered keyboard to the motherboard of the device which would make MacBook repairs very expensive indeed.

Coming Soon

So when does John Ive address these big design flaws in the MacBook? It certainly didn’t happen at WWDC and it sure will be happening in the coming months. In fact, we didn’t even get the cheap Macbook Air that was rumoured. But a sure shot indicator than an update is coming will certainly put the fans to rest.

It can be said that the indication of major update arriving soon could be the fact that one laptop was registered on the benchmarking website called as “MacBookPro14,3”. What is amazing is the fact that these devices are all using the new 6-core Intel Core i7-8750H Coffee Lake processor offering 2.21GHz per core, and a Turbo Boost up of 4.1GHz. This, however, looks to be the last series of Macs with Intel processors inside them as Apple has announced that they will be making their own chipsets moving forward from 2019.

But in all likelihood, if you are looking for a new MacBook update in the year 2018, you will most certainly be disappointed as Apple rarely refreshes the MacBook lineup every year like it does with the iPhone. Having introduced a handful of new features back in 2017, it would seem that Apple is going to sit back and see the sales fluctuate before announcing a new lineup of MacBook devices.

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