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Win Double The Cash With The Cashify HelloTravel Contest


Smartphones don’t just serve us well during the time we use them. They’re pretty useful even once it is time for them to be retired. With Cashify, you get to sell your phone for instant cash. Now, we’re taking it one step further. We’re giving users double the cash for their smartphone.

The Cashify-HelloTravel Contest

What would you do with these extra bucks though? Plan a vacation, we’d say. If you’re looking for holiday packages or trying to find the best places for vacations, look no further than HelloTravel, which specialises in providing the best travel packages for affordable prices. HelloTravel is teaming up with Cashify to give you more bucks for your smartphone!

At HelloTravel, you can choose from a range of different options for your travel plans – such as adventure sports, leisure, budget friendly, honeymoon packages etc. The contest is fairly simple and straightforward, to be honest. You, the user, stand a chance to win double the money off your old smartphone by selling it on Cashify. The maximum amount you can win is Rs 5,000, but you can add an additional Rs 200 to that via coupon code HELLO when selling your old phone.

How to participate

  • Simply head over to the Cashify App and select the model of your smartphone to sell.
  • Apply HelloTravel’s exclusive coupon code HELLO on Cashify app, and get an instant Rs 200 extra added to your quote.
  • You also land a chance to enter into the contest and win double value for your device up to Rs 5000.
  • Three lucky winners will be eligible for this double cashback.

The contest shall begin on 15th August and end on 15th September at 11:59:59 PM. The winners will be decided by both Cashify and HelloTravel and will be announced on 20th September. It’s time to pull out those old smartphones!