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Windows 10 Shows The Way: How To Share A Single PC!


Professionals now days are very sceptical when it comes to sharing any kind of data with their colleagues. In such a scenario, when one has to share a PC out of professional necessities, one might not have many choices to make. Hence, here are few quick tips by Windows 10 (Sell Old PCs) on how professionals can share a single PC with their co-workers.


  • 1- Creating an account with Windows 10.
  • 2- Create account for every single person with whom you want to share the computer so that all of them will have their separate storage and applications.
  • 3- Create the administrator account as it is the sole caretaker and manager of all other accounts.
  • 4- For creating an administrator account, go to Settings > Accounts > Type of Users.
  • 5- For choosing the account of a co-worker, go to Other Users > Add That Person’s Email Id & you’ll be able to see a name on the Account page of the person you added.
  • 6- Check the accounts added by clicking on Accounts Name.
  • 7- Enter the email id of your co-worker, click on OK and then Finish. The name of the users will appear both on “Family” as well as on the other user account page.
  • 8- As an owner of a new account, you can click on the administrator’s account from the Start menu. Then login to your new account with your Microsoft account password.
  • 9- Here, Windows login screen will have two accounts, that is, yours and that of the administrator. By doing this, your name will be primarily visible at the top of Start menu. Apart from this, all other available accounts on the database will be visible as well.


With these quick tips by Windows 10, you can now share your single PC with your co-workers in a manner that you want. It will not only enhance your professional network but it will also allow everyone to work in sync. You can now sell old PCs with Cashify and get free pickup at doorstep along with instant cash!


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