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Quiz: Windows or MacOS – Which Laptop Is Right For You?


The standard dilemma for computer users rears its head every once in a while – what kind of laptop is right for us? We could be looking at a laptop which is meant for professional use, where a lot of processing speed is not required. There could be others who actually require their laptops with high processing requirements for activities such as gaming.

However, most of the times one can get confused on whether to purchase a MacOS or a Windows OS laptop. There are many differentiating factors which set the two operating systems apart. There is also the fact that MacOS is proprietary to Apple whereas Windows, though a product of Microsoft, is used by different laptop makers. This makes Windows more widely available and as such it is the most used operating system in the world. But if you really need to find out what kind of OS is best for you take the quiz below.

Do you enjoy editing a lot of videos and photos?

a) Yes
b) No

How would you categorise your spending habits?

a) Spending money on aesthetically appealing objects is important
b) Spending money after a lot of deliberation to buy what you really need

Are allergic to phony people?

a)In most of the cases
b)Most definitely

How do you like to go about after-sales services?

a) I’d rather have it outsourced to a quality outlet and entirely fixed even if it costs more.
b) I’d rather fix it myself or have it done locally, whatever is the fastest way.

If given a choice for editing videos in of the two most popular editing software, which one would be your ideal choice?

a) Final Cut Pro
b) Premier Pro

Having seen a wide variety of options while shopping in the market, what would you do?

a) Buy the thing that is the most exclusive of the lot, even if there are other cheaper options available. Exclusivity is important.
b) See what others are buying and choose the most efficient and cheapest product among them to save money and time, even if it means buying an arguably less appealing product.

If you are ever buying a car, what among the following seems to be your logical choice?

a) Buy a car based on the brand name and its exclusivity even though there might be better options on the table.
b) Buy a car which is economical and has the all the basic requirements you need.

If you had a lot of As in your answers then we can safely assume you are on course to buy a MacBook as some of the real uses the laptop has is its portability and the ability to edit good videos and photos on it.

Bs in your answer means you are a Windows person through and through. The choice shouldn’t be too tough to make for a person who is currently on a budget. There is a reason why Windows laptops are highly used in office spaces.

Source: Dell

This is not to say that Apple laptops are only meant for show off. But if you don’t have an eye for good photography or video making, then the Macbook is probably not for you.