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Wireless Earphones: Enjoy the Era of tangle-free Music


We all love to treat our ears to our favorite music every now and then. Our phones might have made carrying music a pretty easy job, but we still need a portable solution to reach our favorite playlists without killing our smartphone speakers and our neighbors’ peace of course. This is the crucial reason, earphones are one of the essential elements to enjoying music.

Now, wired earphones are all well and good to get the job done but they suffer a shortcoming. They are messy and the wires get easily tangled up. Here comes the need for something wireless. Earphones that can connect to your smartphones using powerful wireless technology without using the earphone jack. In this article, we list out the best wireless earphones available in the market.

Motorola S-11 Flex HD

Motorola-S 11 Flex HD

The first in our list is the stereo Bluetooth earphones by Motorola named S-11 Flex HD. Sporting a headband with over-the-ear design, this pair of earphones offers a stylish look while also taking user’s comfort into consideration. The headband is flexible and the earbud stems can be adjusted just to get the right fit. To add a firm grip to the equipment, there is a rubber strap that makes it sit firmly around the back of your neck. Motorola has also been considerate enough to provide customs ear tips of different sizes in case the default ones don’t fit properly into ears. In terms of audio quality, the earphones deliver a pretty good punch (although it’s not the wise choice for making phone calls). Also, embedded in it are a range of equalizer presets to better match the type of music.

Price: INR 12,549 (Amazon.in )

JayBird BlueBuds X

Jaybird Bluebird

This lightweight piece of equipment happens to be a top-notch product of this company. It works with any Bluetooth-enabled device running on Android, iOS, Windows or any other operating system for that matter. Living up to the expectations, this device does provide a dynamic range of output. Audio is pretty detailed with bass being the strongest point. Regarding the design section, the earphones look sleek with a sporty design. It comes with variable sized ear tips and ‘wings’ to better fit inside and around the ears. Since it is a noise-cancelling device, getting the earbuds to fit perfectly inside the ears is crucial as the quality of audio drops with improper fittings. Battery life claims by Jaybird stands at 8 hours approx. but varies upon usage.

Price: INR 11,349 (Amazon.in)

Jabra Sports Pulse

Jabra Sports Pulse

As the name suggests, this is another sports-earphone. One is sure to sweat a lot while playing some sport but Jabra has got you covered with a pair of sweat and rain resistant earphones. It also comes with a surprising feature – an integrated heart monitor sensor. Like the other earphones, this one too comes with variable sizes of earbuds and wings for helping users get the perfect fit. However, unlike the other earphones this device uses NFC to pair with your device instead of Bluetooth. Audio performance on the Jabra Sports Pulse is pretty good though it loses the punch of the bass if they don’t fit properly inside your ears. It does occasionally seem to have trouble dealing with tracks involving a lot of instruments but that is something which can be overlooked when one is working out. Battery life stands out at 4.5 hours, which is not striking but still manageable.

Price: INR 9,999 (Amazon.in)

Plantronics Backbeat Go 3

Plantronics Backbeat Go 3


This is probably one of the lightest and smallest wireless earphones around if that is what you are looking for. Being an upgrade to the older Backbeat GO 2, it provides some improvement. The inline remote buttons can be used to receive calls, skip tracks, pause music etc. Just like the Jabra earphones, this one also sports a water-resistant material which makes it operable for sports and any outdoor activities. One special feature of this earphones is that it has a hibernation mode which can hold power up to six months. Audio performance on this device is good overall with dynamic output and detailed sound. Battery life is being claimed to be around 6.5 hours on the single charge by Plantronics though it might vary with usage. On the audio front, the Backbeat Go 3 effortlessly handles the punch of the bass delivering a pretty good music experience.

Price: INR 7,047 (Amazon.in)

Powerbeats 3

Powerbeats 3


One cannot make a list of earphones without including Beats in it. Beats Audio has been a popular thing in HTC smartphones, which justifies its reputation. Powerbeats 3 is the latest model of wireless sports earphones by Beats (although it’s a bit pricey), the quality is worth it. This one is an upgrade to the Powerbeats 2 and includes some minor improvements, mostly to the design. The earphone comes equipped with a new Bluetooth chip designed by Apple, called the W1. This has its perks, making it rather easy to pair with an Apple device. The new chip also improves the battery life. Standing at 12 hours on moderate volume, the battery life seems to be whooping, though it might vary with usage. Audio output is great as usual, being same as the one in Powerbeats 2. This pair of earphones is the thing to go for if you are willing to shell out a little more money.

Price: INR 24,999 (Amazon.in)

That sums up our list of the best wireless earphones available in the market. Apple iPhone 7 owners can also try the new AirPods by Apple which is one great piece of engineered technology. We hope that this list will help our readers make a more informed choice. With this, you all can check our blog where we’ve mentioned best wireless headphones in the market right now.


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