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Wireless vs Wired Earphones

Should you wait for iPhone 8?

Besides the phone’s charger, earphones may very well be claimed as the next crucial accessories. While the current scenario even adds wireless options for enhancing our overall experience.

But given the split opinion of users, we decided to do a face-off between the two and aid you get the best option for your next shopping.

Sound Quality

Purists believe that wired sets echo a more pristine feel. But given the slimming difference between the sound quality of the two, we may consider this as just a point for mental satisfaction, and not as decisive factor to find the better half of technology.

Bluetooth earphones generally support a maximum of 768 kbps while wired ones can theoretically handle up to 2304 kbps. Although wired earphones do provide better quality, it ultimately comes down to the manufacturer.

Should you wait for iPhone 8?


An advantage of wireless earphones is the flexibility that comes with them. We can use them practically anywhere, far away from our phone or computer and get that undeterred quality of sound. Great for multitasking, if you’re looking to enjoy your music while doing other work. Most of all, it resolves the tricky part of laying on bed, without getting tangled in wire.

However, wireless sets need charging, which means you always must be mindful of the battery. This could be a problem in when the battery runs out in the middle of your work, so just develop the same of habit of charging, as you would for your phone.


If Apple’s exclusion of the earphone jack from the iPhone is anything to go by, we may have a situation where wireless headphone become the standard. However, laptops show no signs of removing the earphone jack, which means wired earphones aren’t becoming obsolete anytime soon.

In short, if you want a pair of earphones to work with a wide variety of devices, then wired headphones are for you. But wireless headphones bring plenty to the table, especially when Bluetooth is nowadays universally available, thus speculating it as the standard in future.

Feeling the buzz of wireless earphones already? Well, our list of top wireless earphones to buy will leave you awe-struck. Hope you enjoy it!