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The Upcoming Xbox 2: Less Drama. More Action!


It did not take long enough for Xbox One to succeed the Xbox 360 in the year 2013. In a similar way, the Xbox Two also is being famed off lately. Though Xbox lineup has not been officially declared, the new gaming machine is hyped to have included futuristic features that are still under prototype stage.


What To Expect


Xbox Two is expected to include top of the line specs along with a huge storage space. Apart from that, it may also showcase other best of features in terms of quality, power, upgraded software and value added features too.


It may take Microsoft a few years to design a successor for the current flagship. This is because they have to simultaneously ensure that the upcoming model should be future-proof enough to last in the market for quite some time.

Xbox 2 Concept
Xbox 2 Concept


One of the most touted features of the next Xbox is rumored to be the Augmented Reality (AR). Microsoft can now pair up the new Xbox with the HoloLens with the ability of pairing up with Virtual Reality(VR). There’s a significant difference between AR and VR.


AR is making modifications in the reality digitally in order to give the users an out-of-the-world experience which is something along the lines of Pokemon Go. On the other hand, VR which is said to be the future is experiencing something from a variety of perspectives.


Xbox Portal


When To Expect


Various sources have cited that the next Xbox may not come out until another 8 years, i.e. till 2023. Even some of the Microsoft’s officials have mentioned regarding a launch within a similar time frame whereas few other sources have quoted an earlier launch as early as 2020.


Whatever the date of launch may be, it’s still a long way to go. For when you’re planning on buying or upgrading your console, make sure you sell your old consoles first on Cashify and get instant cash in return, so that your new purchase is worth the wait!


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