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What to do with your Xbox 360?


With a new beginning, we have had a lot of new gaming consoles, ones which put their predecessors to shame. May it be from the Sony line-up of Playstations, the Nintendo gaming consoles or the Microsoft’s Xbox line of consoles, all of these gaming systems have evolved a lot over the years. But what can you do with your old Xbox 360 if you buy a newer version of the same or a different console?

Here are a few useful tips.

#1 Turn it into a media player

First things first, cancel all your online subscriptions to save a lot of cash. The next thing and the most logical thing to do would be to turn the console into a DVD or a Blu-ray player.

So, no need to buy an extra DVD player for your second TV, your old console will do the job for you.


#2 Streaming machine

Not up for the disc type entertainment?

Fear not, because your Xbox can support streaming from various proprietors online including Netflix, YouTube, Crackle, and Amazon Instant Video. This will allow more portability and better quality experience too.

So, you can easily convert your old Xbox into a streaming system.

#3 Gaming

The newer iteration of the Xbox doesn’t support older and classic titles which were once amazing games. So, if you are someone who loves the old games and wants to play them without glitches and bugs of porting, keep your Xbox 360 with you to enjoy them.


#4 Sell it

Legit and almost as logical as buying a chocolate bar.

If you don’t have anything else as a motive to keep your old console with you, then it will just be a waste of space. Instead of doing that, sell it to a friend or to firms that take it, like ReGlobe.

These were just some things that you can do with your Xbox 360. If you have any more ideas or suggestions, use the comments section below.


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