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Xbox Scorpio Release Date Hidden in Video Trailers


Xbox & PS are synonymously known brands for producing the best gaming consoles, and in turn, have created their own distinct following. Well, this clash of the two clans just hit the next level as Xbox released a series of short trailers which might be unveiling the release dates of its latest & brightest console Scorpio.

Release Date in Disguise

Powered by the slogan ‘Feel True Power’, the video trailers of Xbox Scorpio when slowed down have hidden messages in form of numbers. Which is what got noticed & decrypted by one of the Twitterati, and this is how it finally unlocked.

6 is definitely > 4

In the first clip of a funfair, Microsoft trolls its rival Sony PS with the text ‘6>4’ appearing on a tent next to the giant wheel ride; presumably referring to the computing power of its upcoming release. The ‘Project Scorpio’ is claimed to have 6 Teraflops of number crunching power, which is in fact 50% greater than Sony’s 4 Teraflops.

xbox scorpio

‘S’ for Scorpio

As the trailer shifts to a concert, one can decipher a string of texts as “X10S101-317”, where “X10S” might be referring to ‘Scorpio’ itself. We can conclude that because a NeoGAF user found a new trademark ‘S’ registered under gaming consoles section, past week. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if S stands for Scorpio.

xbox scorpio

10 has dual meaning

The 10 in “X10S” symbolizes an upgrade in the Xbox One series. Simultaneously, the 10 could also be the brand’s synergy with the Windows 10 OS for running the console. In binary language, 10=2, thus branding Scorpio model as the Xbox 2.

And the Release Date is?

That leaves us with the number “101317” which can be distilled to a date format; giving us October 13th, 2017. The date makes sense because it totally complies with Xbox One’s Friday launch.

A Game of Superstitions!

Even if the date falls on a “Friday the 13th”, something treated as the unluckiest day in any calendar and has often times poked Microsoft to change its product release date. But for a gaming product, Microsoft might be preparing for this superstitious date as the next good thing.

xbox scorpio

xbox scorpio

For the time being, we will leave the superstitions to be handled by Microsoft’s astrologers, but Scorpio’s release date might be the hint that you are looking for; an upgrade in your gaming experience.

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