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Xiaomi launched the portable version of Air Purifier


Air Pollution is a striking problem of the present generation which is giving some real trouble to many people. With such troubled environment, many manufacturers are coming up with their home purifying system and today we will talk about none other than the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi which has launched a new product back in China.

Mi purifier newly launched

Yes, you read that right. After a series of successful smartphone series Xiaomi has dipped its hand in household ecosystem gadget long back and just after the launch of the Mi Scooter, which happened somewhere around last week, the company has launched the portable version of their own Air Purifier system.

The old Air Purifier series was targeted for home users and it was a bit heavy for users to carry along with them and hence they have made some real-time solution for users to carry it portable. Presently, Xiaomi offers three versions of its Air Purifier, which is the Xiaomi Air Purifier, Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 and Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro, but they are all meant for indoor use and cannot really be replaced by a portable one.

Mi pollution mask 2 Mi pollution mask

The portable Air Purifier by Xiaomi can be easily used as a Car Air-Purifier too as it fits inside the car and serves its purpose. Users can even carry it along with them wherever required. The Portable Air purifier is a trimmed down version of their original Air Purifier 2. Moreover, along with this, they have also launched a Pollution Mask, which helps to purify the air you breathe in. It is a good gadget for users commuting in heavy traffic. The mask comes with a double detachable design and also has charging support, a filter cartridge, and a Li-ion battery. The portable Air Purifier costs CNY 449 which roughly translates to INR 4800 and the Pollution mask gets a tag of CNY 69 which translates to 670 Indian Rupees.

Purifier to be launched by Mi

It’s good to see that Xiaomi is concerned about our the environment and focusing on the betterment of ecosystem. Users have loved Xiaomi products in the past and we hope they will keep showing it in future too. Now coming to the Mi Purifier 2, which was launched in India a few months back and is available at INR 9,999. There are no official words on the launch of the portable Air Purifier and the Pollution Mask in India, we expect them to launch soon since India is one of their biggest consumer of Xiaomi devices. We will bring more updates happening in the world of technology. Stay connected and till then keep selling your old gadgets on Cashify.


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