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Xiaomi Launches Mi Dual-Unit Semi-In-Ear Headphones In China


There are only very few sectors in the tech world Xiaomi has not completely penetrated. The Chinese giant has its hand in smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, power banks, tablets and most recently headphones.

Now: Mi Headphones by Xiaomi

The new Mi Headphones have been officially unveiled in China. The feather-light headphones by Xiaomi are called the Mi Dual-Unit semi-in-ear headphones. These new headphones are the extensions of the existing series of headphones from the company. Xiaomi has launched these headphones for a price of 69 CNY or approximately Rs 700. That seems pretty affordable considering what Xiaomi is offering in those headphones.


These headphones have various special features such as a Hi-Res Audio certification which, offers the user a frequency response of nearly 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz and it also has a sensitivity of 105 dB.

Inside the headphones, there is a dual-unit dynamic coil and something the company calls as a ceramic horn acoustic structure. This structure will as per Xiaomi result in clear sound and better noise reduction.

Along with this, the company says that the headphone wire has soft Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) materials which will not get twisted or entangle easily.

In terms of colour options, we can see that the users will have a choice of two colours namely black and white. As of right now, it isn’t clear if these headphones will launch in India and in China there are being sold at Mi Home offline stores. But they’d make a great addition to your smartphone at these affordable prices!