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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 DxOMark score ia better than the Pixel 2


The recently launched Mi Mix 3 smartphone has created a lot of hype. Xiaomi had marketed the phone as the true bezel-less experience that many users had been craving for since the onset of notched smartphones. Like the Oppo Find X before, the Mi Mix 3 also employed a sliding mechanism to showcase its cameras. However, while the Find X could hide all three of its cameras inside the body of the phone, the Mi Mix 3 only does that to the front camera.

Also, the slider does not automatically come out of the phone but has to be physically pushed up, reminding us of the slider phones of the past. A very bold claim that Xiaomi made during its presentation of the Mi Mix 3 was the DxO mark score of the device, which was touted at an impressive 103. It became only the sixth device on the bench-marking platform to cross the 100 mark, joining the ranks of the Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 and more.

Better than the Pixel 2?

However, if tech gossip is to be followed, then in many people’s opinion the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL happened to be the best camera smartphones on the planet, at least until the Pixel 3 was announced. So how come they had a DxO Mark score which was less than the Mi Mix 3?

DxO Mark takes many things into account while determining its score. The bench-marking website cited the wide-angle lens and the NPU of the Snapdragon 845 chipset as the primary reason for a great DxOMark score. It was not necessarily taking into account only the details that the camera sensor captures, but also how it performs in low light conditions, its zoom capabilities and HDR contrast. It is safe to say that the Pixel 2 camera certainly comes out on top in all but the zoom category.

Pixel phones are also not famed for their video taking abilities, but they still are better than the Mi Mix 3, which received a lower score. Other categories for photos include the noise in pictures, the auto-focus capabilities, and how good the background separation is for bokeh photos. Again, the Pixel falls behind the Mix 3 in terms of the getting the perfect bokeh shot, since Google is trying to do it with AI and single lens while the Mix 3 has two lenses to work with. This shows that while Pixel 2 does take very detailed and colour-rich photos, its drawback is mainly the single lens which does not provide the best zoom or the perfect bokeh, both of which are better on the Mi Mix 3.

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