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Xiaomi To Launch 2 Phones With MediaTek’s Helio P60 chipset


MediaTek has not exactly been on top of things in the chipset industry. Most smartphone manufacturers these days prefer the more reliable and powerful Qualcomm chipsets. The flagship X series from MediaTek could be considered a big failure, as very few brands opted for it. This was mainly because the X series was unusually clocked at lower speeds than its rival Snapdragon 800 series.

Mid Range Focus

However, it would seem now that Qualcomm is focused solely on its mid-range level chipsets, which is its P series. To be quite honest, the P-series has enjoyed the most success amongst all of other MediaTek chipset series.

The first device is powered by the Helio P60 would be the Oppo R15 which has gone for sale in China on 1st April in China and it is quite clear from the sales that the Oppo R series is a strong seller in China. That, in turn, should be really beneficial to MediaTek’s cause.

Xiaomi To The Rescue

However, the real buzz is that Xiaomi will be launching at least two devices that will be powered by an Helio P60 processor. Xiaomi can also look to buy huge stocks of the upcoming P70 chipset as well. Reports have stated that MediaTek could see as much as $60 billion revenue generated through the Xioami deal.

As to what phone Xiaomi will launch? There is no clarity on that yet but it can be assumed that is a mid-range smartphone.