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Youtube Rolls Out Design Changes for Mobile, Desktop App


YouTube has come out with a list of highly comprehensive revamp in its 12-year history. Already one of the largest websites on the planet and the largest video sharing platform too, YouTube will now be rolling out fresh new updates very soon and in all parts of the world.

New Design

One of the first major changes arriving for the users will be a newly redesigned YouTube app for mobile devices. This will be available for both Android and iOS. The official blog post from YouTube has detailed a compilation of all the many changes that the Alphabet owned company has been working on over last few months. The company said that it plans ‘bring a new level of functionality and a more consistent look across’ on the mobile and desktop designs of the websites.

One of the many changes on the YouTube app is in tune with a clean design language, gestures that can move the video around along with the control options to perform functionalities like rewind or fast-forward.

YouTube is also adding the ability to modulate the playback speed of videos for mobile apps with this new update. These changes may already be visible in the YouTube app for some YouTube users. The company has been pushing out these updates for a few months now, for a select amount of users in some selected parts of the world.

YouTube rolls out design changes for mobile, desktop app

New Features

There are also several new ways where all videos will be seamlessly modifying their shape to adapt to the video format the users are using watch the videos in. This will allow users to change videos or switch between vertical, horizontal or square orientations, which is essentially dependent on how you are viewing the video. Doing this will provide you with the best viewing experience without the need to mess around with the phone.

YouTube will also be adding a row of suggested videos. These will be available for watching the video in full-screen mode for ensuring that you can discover the suggested videos without leaving the full-screen mode.

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The Desktop app has also been in the process of a revamp too. YouTube has plans of rolling out its Material Design revamp for Desktop to everyone for each platform YouTube functions on. The company has claimed that the material design has been put in play to ensure that the look is simple, fresh and intuitive with a lot of content being spaced out in the focal point of the entire viewing experience. This means that everyone will mostly use the Dark Theme as part of a Material design roll out.

There are also several other performances related updates that are being delivered by the company with the roll out of this update. Additionally, more efficient streaming, using the least amount of bandwidth, is now on the books as well.

Last but not the least, the company has been also updated its iconic logo to get the match for the ‘multi-screen world’ and ‘flexible design’ that will work across all these screens.