What Else Can I Do on the ScreenPro Website?

Apart from booking an appointment for your mobile repair, there are a few other things you can also do on the ScreenPro website:

  • You can check out your profile on the top right corner by clicking on the ‘My Profile’ option. Here you will be greeted with your name, address, and phone numbers. You can edit the information that you’d like to change.
  • Below My Profile, you can also see the Address menu, where you can store up to three new addresses for our ScreenPro executive to arrive at.
  • Below the Address section, you will be able to see the My orders section where you can check out all your past orders with us and any upcoming appointments you have.
  • Lastly, at the bottom, you can spot the Sign Out option, which will sign you out of our website until you decide to login back again.

At the bottom of our page, you can find a full catalog of our supported smartphones, along with the directory of brands associated with us.