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Cashify Screen Protection Plan

Get your Apple Iphone screens repaired and insured with Cashify Repair. We give you accidental damage where the mobile gets damaged due to unintentional drop or collision, or any object falling on the mobile due to accidental or external means

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Term & Conditions:


    1. Valid on all Apple screen repair worth more than Rs. 2000/-
    2. What is not covered in this plan –
    • Damage due to ignorance/gross negligence or any wilful act.
    • Damage to accessories.
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Loss or damage caused by incorrect storage, poor maintenance, willful negligence, incorrect installation, incorrect set-up, unless the authorized service center representative would confirm otherwise with due substantiation.
    • Loss/damage to the device due to mysterious circumstances, disappearance or unexplained reason is not covered.