Three Hidden Tricks In Xiaomi Devices


If you are a Xiaomi user, you must know that all Xiaomi phones (with the exception of the Mi A1) run on the Chinese smartphone giant’s custom UI, called MIUI.

Xiaomi invests a lot of time in creating and iterating MIUI to suit the latest Android APIs from Google. It then models the UI to customers’ satisfaction. But not all its customers are aware of the many hidden features in the system. Let’s list some out for you:

#1 – One Phone can be used by two users privately

Xiaomi phones need you to create a Mi account to all of Xiaomi’s services. What you can also do is create two accounts on your device, just like creating two accounts on your PC. That way if are sharing a device with a family member, or there is a need to just simply get a separate space for “guest” users, you can do it easily.

So how do you activate this feature?

In your settings tab, you will find an option called as second space. Once you tap on to it you will be transferred to another separate account where the originals account data will be invisible.

Now if you wish to go back to your previous account just swipe down from the top and find the floating bubble named First space. Click on it and you are good to go. If you want to be more careful you can also password protect your First space.

#2 – Duplicate your apps

Do you have a dual-SIM Xiaomi smartphone and want to run two different WhatsApp accounts on them? Xiaomi allows you to clone your apps so that you get two Facebook, two WhatsApp and two Messenger applications running on the same phone.

It would be very useful for people who need one account for their personal life and one for their business life. However, it should be noted that the dual app feature can slow down your device.

For activating this feature, go to your settings and then scroll down. There you will find the option called Dual Apps. Once you tap on that, and you will be able to double whichever apps you want.

#3 – The Xiaomi Calculator

Xiaomi has a powerful calculator and it is actually better than what you should see on an iPhone or an Android device. Most importantly though, if you happen to be a student learning physics or math, the Xiaomi calculator will convert from 1 unit to another along with loads of other features.

To have this feature activated just head on over to Calculator on your home screen and over there you would see the menu button. Click on that and at the top right you will see three dots quite like the one you see on the right side of Google Chrome. Click on that and you will be able to see various options regarding currency change, SI unit conversions and more.

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