What Phone Would Stranger Things Characters Use?


Everyone knows about the Stranger Things TV show on Netflix. Those who don’t are obviously living under a rock. The TV series based on the 80s is grabbing a lot of eyeballs across the globe, and it seems logical, being the gadget enthusiasts we are, that we tell you each characters’ mobile phone preference if they were magically transported to the modern-day world. Let’s begin!


The main character with psychic abilities, Eleven, will perhaps be using the most basic smartphone, as she is not well versed with human interaction. A Nokia 3310 should do. She anyway doesn’t seem to need a phone. She’ll just communicate using her mental prowess.


The second main character and also quite annoying with his constant whining about his best friend Will. For this guy, we shall provide the Blackberry KeyONE as the device is equally annoying.


Lucas is all about loyalty and friendship. He’ll take on demi-gorgons for his friends and face certain danger. The guy needs a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 for all his traits since the phone is a powerhouse that can run pretty much anything.


Easily the most hilarious guy on Stranger Things. Also the most nerdish kid around. For this combo, we shall give him the LG V30, which is high on performance and low on style.


The Upsidedown has addled with Will’s brain for quite some time now and made him quite paranoid about his surroundings. In our experience, Will’s ideal phone should be the OnePlus 7 so that he can be tracked easily when he is lost with a OnePlus secure lock. Plus it’s a closed ecosystem paranoid about the external environment. Haha!

Any other phones you can think of that our favorite characters can use? Tell us in the comments below!